Our primary goal is to represent your best interests by marketing your property as effectively as possible. We strive to meet the three criteria you should use to hire a competent broker. We market property effectively through advanced web technology and market specialization, while remaining free of conflicting interests.

Advanced Web Technology:

  • Listing Services/Syndication Technology - There is no single MLS for commercial real estate. Listing commercial property on all web technologies is challenging for even the best commercial brokers. Because of the challenge and expense, most brokerage firms therefore only list their properties in one or two systems accessed only by other real estate brokers. We take it a step further and market in over a dozen web sources in efforts to target the increasing number of business owners and investors who are searching the internet for space from their own computer.

  • Direct Mail - On a regular basis we send direct mail to area businesses and investors through a variety of targeting methods such as industry sub-market or SIC codes.

  • Broker Alerts - All metro brokers will receive regularly scheduled emails about your property and its specific information to insure all brokers/investors are aware of its status.

  • EDC/Chamber of Commerce - Economic development agencies and chamber of commerce professionals are often the first contacts for out-of-town prospects. When appropriate, they will receive information about your property and be maintained within their database.

Market Specialization: The true experts in this business specialize in a particular type and geographic location of real estate. We are experts in an area and know the story behind the buildings because we consistently call on the tenants, owners, and investors within our speciality. We then use our proprietary database to match buyers with sellers and landlords with tenants simply because we know who is in the market, what they are looking for, and when they are going to relocate.

No Conflicting Interests: Insight Commercial does not represent any one major ownership. As a result, we have no conflicting interests and can provide non-biased consulting to independent ownerships, like you. Because we do not "steer" prospects to our own developments first, your fiduciary rights are first and foremost on our minds, rather than our own real estate portfolio!

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