Are you interested in constructing your own Contractors Garage or similar commercial real estate investment? The construction and syndication process can be lengthy and challenging. Let us be your mentor so you can build long term wealth through commercial real estate development.

Insight Commercial is now offering consulting services. Below is a rough description of our services. Consulting fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, generally with payments at the milestone listed below:

  • Evaluate preliminary supply/demand and offer pricing advice and review through conversations with local commercial/industrial real estate brokers and commercial real estate searches in the community
  • Offer advice on site selection
  • Work with Consultee to create a preliminary site plan/layout on prospective sites
  • Provide support with city responses and design professionals

  • Review geotechnical, civil engineering, architectural, structural, MEP, and landscaping plans. Consultant cannot be held responsible for errors in plans but will make best efforts to offer beneficial recommendations.
  • Design considerations, including but not limited to: unit size(s), refine site layout, building materials, insulation, garage doors, floor finishes, general contractor/subcontractors considerations, security, parking/driveway, recommend amenities (water, power climate control, assigned parking, etc.)
  • Provide assistance to explain the use to municipalities not familiar with the concept in their city
  • Planning and construction documentation plan review

  • Provide rough pro forma template (in Microsoft Excel) for assistance in securing investors and lenders that are ambiguous to the concept in their market
  • Advise on how to sell investors on the concept to raise the needed capital to secure financing
  • Assist with feasibility of project to sell lenders on the concept and raise the remaining capital needed to fully fund the project

  • Explain bidding process
  • Be available to answer questions for problems that will inevitably arise in the field
  • Provide AIA construction draw worksheets and explain the construction draw process and accounting of construction expenses
  • Advise on obtaining insurance certificates and lien waivers from subcontractors to protect from mechanic’s liens
  • Help prevent common pitfalls in construction

  • Provide rough lease template (in Microsoft Word) and advise on self-leasing procedures and advertising and marketing recommendations
  • Provide rent roll template (in Microsoft Excel) and explain the accounting of self-management
  • Offer advice to minimize monthly management work load in post-stabilized project such as ACH (collecting rent payments automatically), proper tools for flipping units, among other things.

Site Visits:
  • Optional site visits at additional expense to cover travel, ground transportation, and a minimum of one night layover accommodations.

  • All advice shall be given only as recommendations. Consultee is 100% in control of their own business decisions and consultant cannot be held responsible for problems that will inevitably arise with each and every single project. Consultant cannot be Consultee’s general contractor so Consultee will either need to source their own general contractor and/or bid/GC the project themselves under their own contractor’s license and source their own sub-contractors.
  • Annual Subscription to is required and contingent for development services/consultation of Contractors Garage concept