Buyer/Tenant representation is a free service for businesses looking to buy and/or lease real estate. It will save you time, money, and insure your interests are properly represented. You don't pay any fees because our commission is derived from the listing agent's pre-negotiated agreement with the seller/landlord.

We strive to meet the three criteria you should use for hiring a competent commercial real estate professional.

Web Technology : We subscribe to the most the advanced commercial real estate search engines in Kansas City to insure our clients receive a comprehensive search result.

Market Specialization: The true experts in this business specialize in a particular type and geographic region of real estate, unlike many brokers who spread themselves thin working all over the city. Working with a specialist insures you are working with an expert who knows all the owners, tenants, and the story behind every building. This knowledge will shorten long and daunting lists of properties for highly productive tours.

No Conflicting Interests: Even though we do manage real esate, we don't manage massive amounts of space then represent clients with conflicting interests and steer them to our own developments first. Our non-biased consulting will guide you to the best space for your company, regardless of who owns it.

Our first step is to understand your business, its operations, and future goals. We then provide a customized report and map all relevant properties. From there, we help narrow the list down, guide you through site selection, tours, negotiations, and final paperwork.

Frequently Asked Questions (.pdf)

JOIN OUR WATCH LIST. Finding the right space can often be a waiting game. Insight Commercial is the only local firm that sends you a monthly search and also immediately informs you when a new listing that meets your size criteria is placed on the market. Simply contact us to be added to our watch list.